About Us

Arphibo Gardentech (AGPL) MSME startup registered in Startup India & hold DIPP a Bengaluru-based company founded in 2019 by The Founders:-

1. Madhu Priya ~ Be Natural, Stay with Nature, Passionate Indoor Gardener, YouTube @NatureatHome 

2. Bhaskar Prasad ~ An early retired Entrepreneur

Our journey started from our house balcony and we are on a Mission "Green India" with a dream to create an ecosystem for Indoor gardening so that we can save our society and family from surging air pollution, which is a big threat to our Future. Our products are made & meant for giving you a stress-free life, stay with nature & protect yourself, in order to breathe healthy, Live healthy & enhance your productivity

We are a D2C brand of trustworthy premium products, especially for your sweet home & office:-

1. Indoor Garden Products,

2. Eco-Wood Eco-Gardenia Eco-friendly Home Décor for your Indoor Garden, An Unique Collection, First Time in India made by EcoWood 2.0

3. Brings Indian Handicrafts made purposely for indoor plants decoration,

4. Hygienically grown Indoor Live Plants (Offline store), 

5. Aroma Candles & Aromatherapy products to make you stress-free & mindfulness

We bring these products DIRECT from Indian Manufacturers, Handcrafters & Artisans for our customers at very respected prices with our heart-touching services, thru our e-Commerce, channel partners, Brand Stores & marketplace.

We encourage & support our Indian Industry & “Make in India”.

Now Say Bye to traditional indoor gardening, & Say Hi to "Smart Indoor Gardening"

What inspired us to start ARPHIBO?

The surge in air pollution and climate change in my country has pointed us to launch a gardentech startup focusing on Smart Indoor Gardening, promoting eco-friendly eco-wood products with unique advantages, along with indoor plants sourced hygienically, amazing garden decor, with a touch of aroma candle collections thru online & offline stores for a stress-free life.

We offer franchises in India for our brand store with a unique concept & have a dream to expand up to 500 stores by 2026.

We aim to contribute towards a cleaner, greener environment, helping consumers to be stress-free & breathe healthy with customer-centric Make in India products.

About Our Brand -

Our brand A R PHI BO ™ is a unique name derived from 4 indoor air purifying plants:-

with a Tagline - "designed for nature"

We are continuously working to invent products, which can bring great value to our customers, which are eco-friendly in nature, and unique products which can bring a "WOW" moment in your Life at a respective price.

The Big Problem Today in my Country -

A big reason for concern due to:-

  1. Increasing Air Pollution AQI,
  2. Surge in Rural-to-urban migration,
  3. Increasing Number of Vehicles in the city,
  4. Increasing Construction,
  5. Surge in Level of stress, loneliness, and depression post-COVID

As the above are directly impacting our health & productivity.

The Major Impacts on our Society-

  • Impacting Respiratory Infections, Heart, Asthma, Cancer
  • Down with Immune System decreases our Productivity in the office
  • Child being The Future of the country suffering a lot,
  • As per WHO The most health-harmful pollutants – closely associated with excessive premature mortality – are fine PM2.5 particles that penetrate deep into lung passageways.

  • Then What is the Way out?

  • Indoor Gardening means Clean air.

  • The incorporation of indoor plants in interior spaces can increase oxygen levels and reduce carbon dioxide levels.

  • NASA study has shown, indoor plants did clean the air in a closed environment. The leaves, roots, soil, & microorganisms of indoor plants have been evaluated as a possible means of reducing Indoor Air Pollution. Other studies have confirmed too that indoor plants can remove harmful gases, such as formaldehyde, called volatile organic compounds which have a long history of health impacts. 

  • Our Solution:-
  • We have observed that customers are inclined toward shopping for gardening & decor products offline with peace of mind under a brand.
  • 1. We are providing customer-centric products through our brand stores, upcoming franchise & e-Commerce. We are offering - 
  • 2. The right set of indoor plants sourced hygienically, 
  • 3. Unique Garden decor to increase aesthetic look in home & office, 
  • 4. Eco-friendly indoor gardening products, 
  • 5. Aroma candles and accessories for relaxing
  • 6. Our business model will also include leading multi-branded products

  • Our Vision - 

Each home and office must have a smart indoor garden for a natural air purifier with our value-adding products.

Our Mission -

To create an ecosystem for Indoor gardening with 500 brand stores across India & connecting them digitally to help my customers to shop quality products at lowest price.

Our Value -
Delight Customers and Care, Trusted Brand, Quality on Priority.

Yes, We are Different !! Because,

  • We Promote Eco-friendly products
  • We focus on Make-in-India Products
  • We have a Franchise business model to open brand stores Globally, & we are aiming to create many opportunities
  • Connecting our franchise digitally for AI-based e-commerce for a better shopping
  • We have Unique products, not traditional
  • We do Reverse Innovation on Products
  • Customer satisfaction is our Highest Priority
  • Creating opportunities for business & job

  • Be a part of the change & together, we can be a part of the future of my Country India
  • #MissionGreenIndia #gardentech


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