Why Plants Love rain water


Why Plants Love Rain Water

For Indoor Plants Rainwater is best. They contain amazing quantity of nitrogen that gives a burst of nutrition to our plants. We may see that a day after the rains, our plants tend to look so healthy. That’s the magic of rainwater. If you have an open terrace or space to collect rainwater then you must store it and keep watering your plants. Here are some important benefits of using rainwater for your indoor garden.

(1) Rain water contains nitrogen in the form of nitrates
Nitrogen is one of the three key macro-nutrients that plants need to thrive and for the development of lush green foliage. Nitrates which are made up of nitrogen and oxygen and are formulated by nature for maximum absorb by our plants.

(2) Rain water is soft water-
Rain water is free from the salts, minerals, chemicals that are found in municipal water, groundwater, and surface water. Salts and chemicals build up in our soil over time and these residues are tough on plants. This effect is inflated in potted plants where the accumulation is more distinct. Rainwater can help flush these chemicals away and refresh the health of your soils.

(3) Rain water is slightly acidic-
Most of the plants like soil pH levels between 5.5 and 6.5. and by nature’s strategy, it is the exact pH range for rainwater. City water, on the other hand, is treated to be alkaline to protect metal pipes from corroding, and can have a pH level upwards of 8.5. Grey-water (once-used household water from a laundry machine, shower or bathroom sink) will start with the same pH as your tap water, but can have a pH as high as 10.5. Irrigate with rainwater to flush out our soil and help to keep our soil pH in perfect balance.

(5)Rain water helps wash off dust and debris-

Rain water gives your plants a nice and probably much needed bath. It clear out the leaves of plants and so on stomata and help them to take carbon dioxide and nutrients for photosynthesis. It gives your plants a nice and probably much needed bath.

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